Sunday, January 30, 2011

AJ Fosik

AJ Fosik Artist Profile from Kwality Media on Vimeo.

AJ Fosik is considered a sculptor by most, but the with his amount care he puts into colors and shapes makes me consider him a character designer who chooses to builds his characters. He doesn't have a website/blog up, so here's an interview.


Adrian said...

i just want to say how much i love your blog. i will be back here many times for inspiration. thanks v much!

Kenny Tai said...

Love your blog! Gives me more ideas for character design. Please do post more constantly!

tunamunaluna said...

Thank you both! It's great to hear you guys enjoy our posts.
It's something we do for fun on the side, so from time to time we slow down a bit. But keep checking for the new posts, for they will come.

Anonymous said...

this is late, but I just discovered this awesome blog, and wanted to share that AJ now has a site that links to his awesome Flickr page!

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